– Fight, might, win*

On Saturday afternoon, emerging from the cramped hell of the Government Center MBTA stop into spacious City Hall plaza, I was greeted by a leafletter and activist. He caught me off guard.

Activist: I’m with the American Communist party.  Are you here for the demonstration?

Jane: (silently double-takes at “communist”) Er, yeah.

Activist: We believe that the Prop 8 marriage ban is one of a number of equal rights atrocities in this country.  There are workers’ rights, health care rights–

Jane: (warming up to and interrupting him) I’m with you.

By the way, he looks like a young Jackson Browne. Remember him?

Activist: Are you here because… (long sizing-up pause) of reproductive rights?

Jane: (what? huh?) Well, I’m for reproductive rights — yes, definitely — but I’m here to oppose the ban on gay marriage.

Activist: Great.  Are you willing to make a donation? Here’s our newspaper.

Jane: (hands over five dollars) Yes.

Activist: Thanks. So, basically we believe more and more people must become combative on these issues of rights. We need to step it up, put more pressure on the system.

Jane: (alarmed) Oh, well, I’m basically against violence, so —

Activist: I’m nonviolent, too. I don’t meant violence. I mean we have to organize and fight.

Jane: Okay, yes.

Since Saturday, I’ve been ruminating over that conversation, and the subtle yet important differences between violent and combative.  He’s right. And although I went to the demonstration and was counted, is it enough to stand there peacefully on the sidelines, as I did? Silence, after all, does not speak volumes.


*Regarding my choice of title for this post: One year in high school I was a cheerleader for the basketball team.  Kind of a social experiment that didn’t take.  Anyway, one of our cheers went like this: “We’re gonna F-I-G-H-T; we’re gonna M-I-G-H-T; we’re gonna W-I-N. [pause] We’re gonna fight with all our might to win!”  And while I do NOT equate protesting with mere cheerleading, the word “fight” always fires this connection in my memory.

8 thoughts on “– Fight, might, win*

  1. Yes, I was a cheerleader.
    Notice, however, that one year was enough.
    Interestingly, though, I think back on that experience often — it reminds me of what I hate about group work. More on that topic another time.

  2. MarkB — I teach college writing, as my profession. (Occasionally, because I have kids who need/want to be taught things, I teach cooking, knitting, digging, sewing, etc., but not professionally.)

    Dr. Poppy — you flatter me. 🙂

  3. (J-Liz, Off point but I love Jackson Browne and my iPod is full of his songs. I saw live him at the Centrum…
    Hey, I like that. J-Liz. I’m sure you don’t.)

    I often wonder if I do lean towards being a socialist. Is there really anything “wrong” with it?

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