– All facts

I am a slow eater. Or, perhaps I live with fast ones.

At dinner, I said to the kids, “Slow down, slow down.”

I added, “I just read that people who eat fast are two times more likely to be overweight than people who don’t.”

Lydia: “You read that? Where?”

Jane: “Yes. In my Diabetes Forecast.”

Lydia: “So, it’s a fact.”

Jane: “Yes, and don’t you like facts?”

Lydia: “I love facts. There should be a magazine called All Facts. People would love it.”

Jane: [thinking…] “I agree.”

Lydia: “Like almanacs. Have you ever read the Almanac? That’s all facts.”

She said this with a kind of relish, my fact-lover.

And I’m with her.

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