– Typewritten wish

Card on E. Lindberg’s archives

The Catalog Card Generator is fun to play with, and the card you make might lend some concreteness to any project that right now seems a wish.

I want to knit a hat from some rather minimalist notes that my late grandmother wrote on the back of a birthday card, and which I recently rediscovered as I thumbed through a box of old knitting patterns and magazines she collected and I added to. And then I want to do something with that experience. (Oh, write about it maybe?) Wanting to do it, however, hasn’t gotten me any closer to actually doing it. I have the yarn and tools. What’s required is making that first move.

Well, I made this card, kind of like a “will do” note to myself. And now I’ve “put it out there in the universe,” as H., a woman I worked with many years ago, recommended that we do with our wishes and intentions.

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