– Aliens

1. Eli is sorting through years of accumulated stuff. In his desk drawers and closet, he has found artifacts that he wants to toss, and we want to keep. This little fellow, painted years ago at Plaster Fun Time, when Brian worked there, makes a nice garden ornament.

2. On the morning (Wednesday) after a soaking rain, this creepy colony appeared. It was sudden.

Mushrooms under the hosta, in shade

3. I wondered how, and how quickly, fungi grow. I went to YouTube and searched “mushrooms time lapse,” hoping for one or two hits. There are more than two. Apparently there are lots of YouTubers fascinated by the growth (and use) of mushrooms. Weird.

Thanks, Jimmy, for getting down on the ground and sidewalk to get the alien and mushroom images. And thanks, www.fungifun.org, for the time lapse short of mushrooms, er, growing.

3 thoughts on “– Aliens

  1. elizabethellen — we haven’t had any new fungi patches since I put the alien out there, so perhaps you’re right.

    emily — we’ll keep the green guy, don’t worry.

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