– Accidental sunflower

Lone sunflower


Grace planted this.

She planted many more sunflower seeds in the spring, and this is the one — out of all the seeds, and then out of all the seedlings — that grew.  The skimpy crop is mainly my fault; I could have helped her tend to them better as they were getting their start, but in the spring I was distracted and overwhelmed.

I can sit on my front steps, which may possibly be my favorite perch, as Julie pointed out the other day, and focus on it, instead of the service driveway to the building across the street.

This reminds me that, while many are good, many are bountiful, many en masse are stunning, one of something can be enough.

One thought on “– Accidental sunflower

  1. There’s a field of sunflowers a few miles from our house. I have to resist staring at them as I drive by, settling for the blur of gold and green in my peripheral vision.

    Grace’s single sunflower is as beautiful. I like how it stands, sure of itself, but maybe a little shy about its brightness and beauty.

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