– Weather whipsaw

Winter easing its grip on Northeast – The Boston Globe

Analyzing four decades of winter climate data, beginning in 1965, University of New Hampshire scientists found that regional temperatures are rising at a rate of 0.8 degrees per decade. Meanwhile, the number of days with snow on the ground is decreasing at the rate of 3.6 days per decade, the study found.

Jane and snow, Leicester, MA. 1975.

Jane and snow, Leicester, MA. 1975.

This explains why, a few years ago, I never got my backyard ice rink to freeze, and why there is no longer that profuse snow I recall from childhood, when it seemed possible, every winter, to help my father build a roomy igloo in the piles of snow left by the plows and then play in that igloo for days and days.

UPDATE (Dec 22): Although one or two storms do not a trend make, we are suddenly BLANKETED by snow here in Boston, after a snowfall on Friday the 19th and another on Sunday the 21st. And yesterday Harrison was out there with the girls, digging a fort into the piles left by the plows.

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