– On the first day, magic

Last night, on the first calendar day of the new year, we saw Aurélia’s Oratorio at the A.R.T. Without dialogue and obvious plot, it’s filled with dance, music, visual tricks, acrobatics, puppets, black, white, red, gold, and weird beauty.

What is the show about?  Hmm.  During one scene, Grace whispered to me, “Ah, the dance is about the coat.”  And that’s just the kind of experience it is: the dance is about the coat; the body is about time; love is about absence; and color is about movement. And shoes are for hands.

See some here.  Don’t worry if you can’t decipher the voiceover; spoken words don’t matter to this show.

4 thoughts on “– On the first day, magic

  1. Yes, I was thinking something like that. Although, believe me, before Grace started lobbing her spot-on observations my way, I was doing my best to interpret the show, which deliberately defies interpretation.

    And, btw, which character in The Big Chill said that? I’ve seen that flick three times, but can never remember lines.

  2. My mother saw (and loved) this show. In fact, we tried to get tickets after her rave reviews but, alas, missed the boat! Glad someone one the street got to enjoy it!

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