– Only the rain has such small hands.

Althea Crome Merback knitted Coraline’s sweater. She knitted these gloves, too.


In this short video on her work, Merback calls herself, as far as she knows, the “only person in the world who knits conceptual sweaters and garments on such a small scale.”

Seeing these gloves for no hands reminds me of a conversation I had last week with one of Grace’s teachers, who said, “Art doesn’t have to have a use. It’s just… because.”


Photo from haha.nu, which shows images of even more of Merback’s miniatures. And thanks to Rosemary, who gave me the idea to alter a line from a poem and use it as a post title. And to the late e.e. cummings, who wrote the poem, which I loved as a teenager. I see why.

One thought on “– Only the rain has such small hands.

  1. Oh! I always have the dream, where I’m trying to do something precise, and my fingers and thumbs are too big and unwieldy.

    I just don’t know how those mittens are possible. In a good way.

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