– Heart breaker, list maker


Leanne told me that she and her spouse have become one of those families with an extra freezer in the basement.

Then she told me the part that made my heart beat faster and gave me goosebumps: Mark keeps a notebook on top of the freezer, with a running list of the items and quantities inside. Leanne, what a catch! I love that about him.

I have often joked that, when looking for a romantic partner, it would be helpful to identify someone who can both dance and cook. These qualities might sustain your life with both joy and food.

I’d like to add a third quality to that list, and suggest that someone — like Mark Mason — who can make and keep a good list is a rare and wonderful find: a sustainer of order. Ah.


P.S. Thanks to Leanne for the photo, and the introduction to MM.

One thought on “– Heart breaker, list maker

  1. To dancing and cooking, I’d add the importance of finding someone who can make you laugh.

    The organization thing can be a bit of a red herring…my mom tells a story about how, when she first brought my dad home to meet her parents, her mother was deeply impressed that Dad used shoe trees in his shoes. “Oh, Joyve Alley,” she apparently said, “maybe he can get you organized.” Her life was certainly more orderly thanks to his efforts, but after 58 years, it never rubbed off on her personally!

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