– Illustrated nouns

Everywhere you look, there are nouns just waiting to have their pictures taken. Here’s a double handful of them from my parents’ house and neighborhood, where I was for the holiday. At the end, there is a noun-by-noun commentary.











Crucifix: This one hangs on the wall in the room I usually sleep in at my parents’. The rendering is starker and the figure’s limbs more attenuated than the curvy crucifixes (i.e., the draped, muscular, and sorrowful Christ) I typically saw in the churches of my childhood. I like it better for the agony it conveys. Daughter: With Lydia and the others, I walked out into the marsh at Gray’s Beach, Yarmouth Port via the boardwalk. I don’t know what it is about elevated paths like these, but I love that feeling of going out and out and farther out on them, above the earth and of it at the same time. This reminds me of a recurrent dream I had as a child, in which I would be flying through my house and world, although only a few feet off the ground. Girl: It’s good to have a few garden ornaments, especially one like this. I like that her head is tipped down and not pretending to catch the eye of a real person outside, as many silly ornaments do. Groundcover: Ajuga is one of my favorites. It creeps profusely in my parents’ backyard, and the patch in my yard is a passalong from theirs.  Jeans: We tried out the new rink in Hyannis, and as I sat on a bench with my father during the intermission, when the ice gets cleaned and slicked, I surreptitiously took pictures of the lower halves of the other skaters who waited, too. Here’s a gang of teens in their skinny jeans; I also took a picture of a woman skater, about my age, in a madras skirt and black opaque tights. Note to self: next time I go skating, what the heck, wear a skirt. Marsh: Another image from Gray’s Beach, Yarmouth Port. Perhaps my favorite color combination is partly seen here — water, grass, sand, and sky. (Yes, those are colors.)  Orange: One day at lunch we had sliced fruit for dessert, and we each got to pick one chocolate from the Russell Stover box as a treat. Eating one chocolate is more delicious than eating 10 of them. Shoes: Soon there will be a longer post with a story about these saddle shoes, which I wore when I was a cheerleader for one year. I unearthed them when I was snooping for something else. Surprise. Star: Undertaking the work secretly at school, Grace embroidered this starfish as a Christmas gift to her grandparents. Wheelbarrow: If I were writing a post about verbs, I would call this picture “Hibernate.” As I was walking around my parents’ property, checking on the state of things, I found the wheelbarrow behind the shed, tipped deliberately on its side, like a big bear sleeping away the winter.

3 thoughts on “– Illustrated nouns

  1. Perfect post. Really sharply perfect idea, for one, and your childhood dream sort of haunts me– I used to believe I could fly in that exactly described manner.

    • Thank you. And that’s so cool the dream resonated with you. I would describe the feeling as more like swimming through air than flying, you know?, because it was so close to the ground.

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