Summer treat

This was Grace’s idea, to make our own version of a Starbucks Frappuccino®, but lighter (and cheaper). It wasn’t much of an experiment, but it worked! We based our concoction on a recipe found here, but ours is less lavish in calories and extras.

Coffee Slush

serves 2 or 3

1. Brew strong coffee. In automatic drip coffee maker, brew 1/3 c. ground coffee (we used Peet’s Major Dickason’s®) with 1 c. water. Set coffee aside to cool.

2. Make whipped cream. Whip 3 T. heavy cream (150 calories) with 1 t. SPLENDA® Sugar Blend (10 calories). Set aside.

3. Blend slush ingredients. Into a blender with an ice crusher setting, put 3/4 c. strong coffee (cooled); 1 c. 1% milk (105 calories); 2 c. ice cubes; and 2 T. SPLENDA® Sugar Blend (96 calories). Blend until smooth.

4. Serve. Divide into glasses, and divide whipped cream among them. Serve with straws or spoons. (For 2 servings, calories will be 180 each. For 3 servings, 120 each.)

Note: If you want to add chocolate or caramel syrup or more whipped cream to this, you’re on your own. In my world, the less you do to coffee, the better.