Summer treat

This was Grace’s idea, to make our own version of a Starbucks Frappuccino®, but lighter (and cheaper). It wasn’t much of an experiment, but it worked! We based our concoction on a recipe found here, but ours is less lavish in calories and extras.

Coffee Slush

serves 2 or 3

1. Brew strong coffee. In automatic drip coffee maker, brew 1/3 c. ground coffee (we used Peet’s Major Dickason’s®) with 1 c. water. Set coffee aside to cool.

2. Make whipped cream. Whip 3 T. heavy cream (150 calories) with 1 t. SPLENDA® Sugar Blend (10 calories). Set aside.

3. Blend slush ingredients. Into a blender with an ice crusher setting, put 3/4 c. strong coffee (cooled); 1 c. 1% milk (105 calories); 2 c. ice cubes; and 2 T. SPLENDA® Sugar Blend (96 calories). Blend until smooth.

4. Serve. Divide into glasses, and divide whipped cream among them. Serve with straws or spoons. (For 2 servings, calories will be 180 each. For 3 servings, 120 each.)

Note: If you want to add chocolate or caramel syrup or more whipped cream to this, you’re on your own. In my world, the less you do to coffee, the better.

3 thoughts on “Summer treat

  1. Wow–those look fabulous! Wish I’d read this a couple days ago, when we were in the throes of the recent heat wave…but I’ll definitely be trying out your recipe sooner rather than later. Can’t wait to see the other treats!

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