– Making do

Are you curious about how people live when they’re undergoing renovations? Jimmy posts a picture today (March 28) of our living room doing double-duty as a dormitory for four people. Eli, whose bedroom is still intact, wistfully calls it “cozy.” He’s feeling left out of our nightly pajama party, and I have a feeling that pretty soon we’ll be making room for his bed among the other three. Hey, why not?

It’s not merry, but it’s manageable. We do get to wake up every morning to Junior Senior’s “Can I Get Get Get,” played by DJ Jimmy on his iPod speakers, also in the living, er, bunk room. Songs can make you happy.

2 thoughts on “– Making do

  1. If all of you get through the togetherness, perhaps an R.V. is in your future. Are you making a campfire and toasting somores before turning in?

  2. I can assure you that the Ross Family would not fair nearly as well! Get me a room at the Holiday Inn and call it a day 😉

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