– Teachers’ skulls

At the salon where I get my hair cut, every client gets a scalp massage from the shampooist after the final rinse. The sensation is bliss.

Today, Chris, a petite, instantly friendly young woman, took charge of my heavy head. She kneaded and kneaded. My whole body felt better. I was on a cloud…

Chris: Uh. (Knead, knead.) You have, like, the tightest skull.

Jane: Really?!

Chris: Yeah. What do you do?

(She doesn’t give me time to answer.)

Chris: A teacher?

Jane: Yes!

Chris: Teachers have the tightest skulls.

Jane: Really?

Chris: Wow, isn’t that weird, that I guessed what you do?

Jane: Yes.

Chris: (Knead, knead.)

Jane: What should I do?

Chris: I’m not really sure. I mean, I don’t know if I have a solution.

Jane: Oh.

Chris: (Knead, knead. Squeezes. Wraps towel.) I’ll tell you what I do for myself. And I’ve recommended this to some teachers. (She motions me out of the chair and walks me to the stylist’s chair.) There’s this hot tub place in Cambridge…

And she proceeded to tell me, in detail, about Inman Oasis, a place where, for $10, you can soak your bones (and skin, in a bathing suit) for an hour, and do nothing else.

Chris: I really think this is something teachers need to do. And you’re a teacher.

I am going to take her advice. It was so intently and kindly given.

4 thoughts on “– Teachers’ skulls

  1. Ah, you know me well, JLR.

    I’m already having second thoughts of “promising” to try it. However, I am prepared to force myself to follow through.

    People have been trying to get me to do these sorts of things for YEARS! Aromatherapy, massage therapy, reiki (I think I submitted to the reiki).

    People have also tried to get me drunk, stoned, etc.

    In all honestly, I like my equilibrium, and I’m sticking with it.

    But, I will try the hot tub, if only so I can report back to the shampooist.

  2. I just clicked on the link and found it funny that they are giving discounts for teachers in April! Now you really have to go — it’s meant to be!

  3. I’d agree. My Other Half is a teacher, although I do the massages and prepare the long soaking baths myself (usually after she’s mucked out the pigs, though, rather than after a long day at school).

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