– Opinions

As dinner ended, Lydia, Eli, and I discussed our summer trip. (Grace had wandered off to the television; Jimmy is at a dinner meeting.) Eli is impatient for us to nail down the date and destination. The children have opinions, which enrich but complicate the process.

Lydia (suddenly): I know! Let’s rent one of those coach buses for a few days. What do you think it would cost? It would be, like, a great family vacation. All the Kokernaks could go to New York for the weekend.

Eli (loudly): Lydia! That’s like communism — it sounds like a good idea, but it isn’t.

Back to the drawing board.

3 thoughts on “– Opinions

  1. Sounds like a good idea Lydia. I’m not sure how much of a vaction it would be for the Kokernak/Guterman family, though. I have never been on a red hat bus trip, but I believe coffee and donuts are served. Count on me for the donuts and games. Let me know when to pack.

  2. My husband has a fantasy of renting an RV and roughing it for a few weeks. I told him it would be a great thing for him to do with the boys.

    Have to agree with Eli on this one!

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