– Seasonal shoe parade

Twice a year, on a sunny, dry day, I arrange in the driveway all the shoes that have accumulated in the front hall, mudroom, and garage, like so:

September's shoe parade.

September's shoe parade

We all browse our own clusters of shoes and decide which to put away, which to keep in rotation (near the door), and which to say goodbye to.  At the end of today, we had a big box of shoes that no longer fit or suit us, and only two or three pairs each in the mudroom.

Photo by Eli.

One thought on “– Seasonal shoe parade

  1. I love this photo-the shoes are separated with space around each pile. I can imagine each individual in their respective shoes doing the activity each pair is meant for. love the snow boots especially–they are out of place on the dry sidewalk. This post is really all about the photo-thank you Eli.

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