5 thoughts on “– Knitting innuendo

  1. Just to show that I AM NOT VAIN, I will allow Jimmy’s unsolicited posting of a recording of Jane & Sally’s, er, debut, to stand. (See comment 1, above.) It did make me laugh, which reminded me how much Sally and I were laughing as we tried to sing, which makes it difficult to sing, which I don’t think we can, anyway.

    Listen, and laugh. And I grant you permission to tease us about it.

    Sal, forgive me.

  2. I hate you.
    I peed my pants doing that.
    How about the video of you on People Are Talking with Tom Bergeron?

    The topic: Golddiggers in Boston.

    Jane, “If you really want to marry for money, why are you here? Why aren’t you in New York City or Los Angeles where the rich men live?” (Or something to that effect…)


    Side note: Didn’t Rich’s friend work there? The guy who looks like the actor who was in that ’80’s TV series about the super hero with blond curly hair with the catchy theme song: “Believe it or not I’m walking on air, never thought I could feel so free…?” And Rich’s friend worked at Blockbuster too b/c TV didn’t pay… (he should move to NYC or LA I’d guess).

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