– Everybody hurts.

MIT, where I work, is a conglomerate of endless hallways.  Buildings are attached to buildings; one segues into the next.  Bulletin boards are everywhere, and, as I walk the long halls to my office in the morning and back to the car at night, I glance at a changing collection of flyers and posters pinned up by student groups and campus organizations.  I read some as carefully as I read cereal boxes, in other words, pretty thoroughly.

This one, taped to the interior window of room filled with public computers, has been up all semester.

Who sponsors it, I don’t know. Perhaps its simple, subversive reminder is the humane work of underground activists.

In the bottom right corner, all it says is love your self. savor living.


P.S. Here’s the video of an R.E.M. song that tugs at me, every time.

3 thoughts on “– Everybody hurts.

  1. I like the idea of this sign (and certainly it’s more interesting than most we see everyday!) but I disagree with its primary message (though not the “Love yourself. Savor living” part). I’m more of the mindset of the REM song/blog post title. Learning often hurts. Sometimes a lot. I don’t know; maybe it shouldn’t. And it certainly doesn’t have to. I usually wish it didn’t. But learning does hurt, suuummmtiiiimes (that was meant to represent Michael Stipe’s voice).

  2. j3, I find this sign poignant, so there has to be beauty in that, yes.

    Poppy, since posting this, I’ve thinking about the difference between “hurt” and “painful.” Learning is painful (cognitively, emotionally) when one’s ideas and beliefs are challenged by new knowledge, for sure. And I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps we can’t change unless there is first a conflict or crisis. I’d be interested in hearing more your thoughts on that, which may be what you’re getting at. How I’ve been reading this sign, however, has a lot to do with context. I look around at MIT and see students not sleeping, not eating, crying, and I wonder if there’s anything to be done about the *physical* demands placed on students that are due to the learning demands placed on them.

    p.s. Thank you, too, for channeling Michael Stipe. Hold on.

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