– Inbound worshipers

This morning at 8am I was stopped by a red light at the mouth of a side street that feeds into Commonwealth Avenue.  A gas station on my right; a BU building across the street and train tracks.  Me? Daydreaming, waiting.  An MBTA bus, the 57, zoomed past, heading east into the city.  People were packed inside, seated in rows, their many heads bowed over what they held in their laps — blots of white to me — opened books.  And before my consciousness fully registered the scene, it seemed to me that people were praying, like supplicants in pews, staring down into hymnals, waiting for the priest to interrupt them from their reverie and say, “All rise.”

3 thoughts on “– Inbound worshipers

  1. Jane,
    My DIL’s brother, who lives in Boston, sent this URL to her and then she to me. She asked if we were related.

    My DH grew up in Webster/Dudley area of Massachussetts, so it is a possibility as there is quite an extended family, as we learned from Anne Cunningham and Gail Smith, who are descendants from an older brother in the same family as my husband’s father.

    Do you think it is possible?

  2. Poppy, thank you for the compliment!

    Barb, I guess I grew up thinking that all Kokernaks are related! 🙂

    Let’s see if we can figure this out. I am from the Worcester area. My parents, Stephen Kokernak (b. 1941) and Elizabeth Lindberg Kokernak (b. 1943) were born and grew up in Worcester. My grandfather, Henry Kokernak (d. 1999), grew up in Webster. His brother was Louis and his sister Celia. I can’t recall my great grandfather’s name, but he and his wife lived their lives in Webster. I visited them many times as a child.

    See what you think, and if you notice any connections. There’s a Kokernak Family Association that’s very active. I haven’t become involved with them, but I’m sure that they could also give you more info.

    Thank you for writing to me!

    Jane Elizabeth Kokernak
    (b. 1965 in Worcester)

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