– Joy of the pain

Yesterday I took Eli, pal Cody, and Grace to Savers.  Cody claims it’s better than Goodwill, because everything hangs on racks in sizes.  And, indeed, it does.  Eli found a shirt, Cody two of them, and I got a pair of Ann Taylor cords and Old Navy canvas pants, $6.99 each, preworn and prewashed.  Grace bought $6.00 worth of knick-knacks and a pink basketball. We were moderately delighted.

As we went through the cashier’s line, I started paying attention to the music.  No Musak at Savers.  Perhaps in bargain stores the employees, and not headquarters, get to choose the music. Whoever made the playlist that was playing last night, chose good. When I heard “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze, I turned to Eli and said, “This was one of my favorite songs when I was in college.”  He liked it.

And though I love the song, I had never seen the video, until a few minutes ago that is, when I searched for and found this on YouTube.  Watching it and wincing, I thought, Well, it was the ’80s.

Still…. GOOD song. The words matter. (And how many songs do you know that feature both “coffee” and “notebook” in the lyrics?)

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