– Big books

It’s a few minutes before the girls have to leave for school, and Grace is gathering her accoutrement: ponytail holder, socks, a tattered bag of yarn.  She also plunks down a pile of books.  I wonder how she’ll get all this into her pouch and up the hill to school.

big. books.

big. books.

I ask, “Why so many books? Is it library day?”

Without pausing (as though she has been waiting for this question), she tunefully replies, “Nope. I like big books and I cannot lie.”

Which seems to me a much better use of that song than the song itself.


P.S. Dear Mom and Dad, you might not want to click through to the song video, in the line above. (Or now you might, because I’ve activated your curiosity.) The things your grandchildren are exposed to, on the tv and radio? Well, more than I was at their ages. Yes, times have changed.

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