– Hail to the, er, crochet

obamacrochetI’ve been wanting to put a photo of President Obama on my blog. However, I do have some editorial policies (admittedly, my own) that I follow, and his photographic image doesn’t really fit. He’s not very Leaf: not a gardener, is he? I suppose I could say he’s kinda Word; I mean, he’s a great rhetoritician. But, still, I don’t think I have anything original to say about Obama as a speaker that hasn’t already been said.  At last, however, he and his image — this crocheted image — fits Stitch.

And, yes, I could make this. But I won’t.



Portrait in crochet by Todd Paschall. Link via whipup.

One thought on “– Hail to the, er, crochet

  1. Wow! That is a remarkable piece of work…it’s amazing to me that Todd Paschall can render the nuances of photographs so well in stitches.

    Do you have any sense of how large this is, Jane? Some of the other images on his website look like they’re lifesize or even larger…does that mean one could curl up under the Obama afghan on a cold evening? I’m not sure whether that possibility is cool or really creepy…

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