– Store bought manure

In the first episode of season six of The Office (watch it here, on Hulu), Michael spread false rumors about several employees in order to cloak his having leaked the secret about Stanley’s affair. He figured if he spread a LOT of gossip, no one would know what was true and what was not. Classic Michael logic.

About Dwight — weird, weird, weird paper salesman from a family of farmers — Michael insinuated he used store bought manure. Dwight was livid.


We’re not as proud here on Puddingstone Road, and we don’t have access to a herd. Over the weekend, we bought eight bags of dried cow shit and raked it into our future potato patch.


P.S. Word lovers, what do you think of the product name? 🙂

8 thoughts on “– Store bought manure

  1. “Bovung”! I love it, myself.

    I have never spread real manure, though I *did* have a dream once in which I entered a manure-spreading contest. The competitors were all given pushbrooms and sent out into a field to see who could spread the most the fastest. I should probably say (and I swear I’m not making this up) that I had this dream while I was reading for my PhD qualifying exams. No s**t.

  2. Rosemary! I just LOLed when I read your comment. My daughter, in the same room, even looked up from her screen and said, “What?!”

    I love your manure dream. Right around the time I started teaching, I had a really metaphorical dream about a Beck performance, which I think was about how I viewed (and experienced) teaching. More about anguish than “s**t.”

    Must write about that, and get more people like you to tell grad school and teaching dreams.

  3. Yep, I laughed when I woke up from that one myself. Not too hard to decipher the “deep symbolism” in *that* dream! A friend told me that before she turned in her master’s thesis she dreamed she was being chased by a giant comma with teeth. Again, not exactly enigmatic!

    You’re right, there’s a whole blog post (if not a book) to be written about those kinds of dreams.

  4. The name is the first thing I noticed in the photo! Seems a merger of “bovine” and “slung.”

    [Retracted comment equating subject matter to the American version of The Office.]

    Rosemary: I don’t know you, but that’s a great story. I’d like to pre-order the book. 🙂

  5. Now! If it just said ‘Bovung Cow Shit!’ that’d be worth buying, BUT that’s probably why it’s Bovung = bovine + dung, as previously pointed out. A British company?

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