– I would read a book about pencils.

Pencils_Pillow300For some reason, Grace, Jimmy, and I were talking about single-noun-subject books. What concrete thing interests you enough that you would read or write an entire book about it? Salt, for example.

Grace raised potatoes as a possibility.

“Pencils,” I said. “I love pencils. I would read an entire book about pencils.”

Yesterday, my library helpers found and brought this home for me. I saw the title, and my heart started to beat a little faster in anticipation. I opened to chapter one. First words: “Henry David Thoreau seemed to think of everything…” Ah, book heaven.

5 thoughts on “– I would read a book about pencils.

  1. I love Ramona. I was thinking about her today – and Beezus. Remember when they had a terrible day, and came home and the crockpot was not on and the house was cold…and dark…and her parents were in a foul mood. So the dad tried to make pancakes? That is one of my favorite scenes in any book. I am “there” when I think of it.

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