– Trouble with avatars

After Christmas, I made myself a Wii Mii on the kids’ new console and thought, “There’s something not quite ‘Jane’ with this avatar.” No medical device, and no way to make or add one.

On New Year’s Day, we went to see Avatar: 3D as a family. I enjoyed the movie, yet it bugged me. And while I’ve been reading lots of smart commentary on the web about the film and its racism, sexism, and colonialism, I’ve come across nothing on the disability of protagonist Jake Sully, an ex-Marine in a wheelchair, and its relationship to the plot.

So I wrote about all this trouble with avatars, here.


Note: If you don’t have Nintendo Wii and still want to see what your Mii might look like, try My Avatar Editor, which Rosemary pointed me to.

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