– Potato lover

Whenever I have been asked the question, “If there was only one food you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?”, I have answered: “Potatoes.” And since the waning days of last summer’s sunflower folly, I have been daydreaming about filling my only sunny patch with the tubers. Today I did a little more than dream, and I went over to Wood Prairie Farm and ordered 6 pounds of organic seed potatoes (Caribe, Reddale, and Yukon Gold) and packets of carrot and beet seeds, too. There will also be a few sunflowers, to please the neighbors (and bunny) who enjoyed them last year. My plan is to plant 4 12-foot rows of potatoes, 1 12-foot row of carrots and beets, and another 12-foot row of sunflowers. That might seem modest, but come August, I hope to have an abundance.

Now, if only I had a root cellar.


Image of Caribe potatoes by rovingsprout on Flickr.

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