Plunge into illness

My short essay, “Diabetes Diagnosis, Before and After,” appears today in ASweetLife. Link.


More than 18 years have passed since my diagnosis day; in that time, I’ve injected or bolused insulin at least 26,280 times, and never mind how many units. I’ve pricked my finger and tested my blood almost 40,000 times and counted and eaten more than 900,000 grams of carbohydrates. There have been many moments when the immensity of my task has been so overwhelming that I have stood at my kitchen counter with a syringe or insertion set poised in my uncooperative hand and said to myself, “Jane, just do this one.”


Image of syringes & insulin by DeathByBokeh at Flickr via Creative Commons.

3 thoughts on “Plunge into illness

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  2. The case for coffee is also going to my friend Suzanne — she loved the ‘just do this one’ article, too! Maybe nano-tech will actually be useful in our lifetimes…


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