Season of stuff

Last night I couldn’t sleep, and so I watched Modern Family and then Hoarders via hulu. Even though our house is pretty neat, this was 2 am so of course I wondered if I am heading for a hoarding problem. There’s a basket of hand washables near the washer that I just can’t seem to get to, and on the kitchen counter I always have a 3 inch stack of mail I plan to re-read, which I keep sorting through and replenishing, so it always stays at that 3 inch height, never eliminated. In the basement are games and puzzles that haven’t been touched in years. On my bedside table are 6 books in play.

Plus, it’s Christmas, so even though Lydia, Grace, and I cleaned out our closets 2 weeks ago, I have brought an equivalent amount of new stuff into the house, currently in hiding and waiting to be wrapped and distributed. On the enclosed porch, which doubles as a winter refrigerator, are trays and trays of wrapped food and packages of paper goods for tonight’s party. There are poinsettias in the living room cluttering my sight line.

The Internet: a place for our shared hoarding, I think, whether information, ephemera, or wished-for holiday objects.

And still I dream of secret rooms.

More thoughts on this topic, much more of course, after Christmas.

This useless objects Christmas tree is by another Jane, found on the style files via LikeCOOL via my brother Brian. The tree reminds me of the wonderful I Spy books by Walter Wick that Lydia and I were once obsessed with.

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