– Hazards of reading

This is an approximation of a conversation I had with Grace recently. While I did not invent her remarks, I did cut out some of the repetition. There also were a lot of thoughtful pauses I have eliminated.

Grace: How old do you think you’ll be when you die?

Jane: Old, I hope.

Grace: Who do you think will die first, me or you?

Jane: Me.

Grace: Who do you think will die first out of me and Eli and Lydia?

Jane: I don’t think about that. You all will live a long, long time.

Grace: Why do people have to die?

Jane: Because their cells wear out and they can’t last forever.

Grace: Why can’t we live always?

Jane: I’m so sorry. I know. I promise, though, you will live a long, long time and life will feel long enough.

Grace: How long?

Jane: Grace! Could we talk about something else? How about… what are we going to do tomorrow?

Grace: I can’t help it. I just keep thinking about this.

Jane: Why do you think that is?

Grace: Because I’ve been reading biographies.

Jane: Oh?

Grace: Yeah. And I’ve noticed — people are always dying in them.

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