– Rare photo

This is a rare photo of me without my disguise, I mean, my glasses.

Jane, outside the ICA, June 7

This photo is also rare in that how I felt in the moment (of my picture being taken) is how this picture looks: relaxed, unguarded, content. I like it.

Last summer, sitting around on my parents’ deck and talking to my siblings about life’s rough patches, and being photographed during them, I boasted about some great photos of myself, taken at perhaps my most miserable moment. One of my brothers laughed, and later said that he had a picture like that of himself.

I suppose the moral of this is that it is possible, on occasion, to put a good face on, but a person should not be asked to do that too much. It’s more peaceful when the inside and outside match.

Lydia told me I needed a new profile picture, and she provided it. The location is the ICA Boston, outside on the steps that look over the harbor; the date is Saturday, June 7, 2008.

4 thoughts on “– Rare photo

  1. It is a beautiful picture. I have yet to see a beautiful picture of me, ever, which is why I have no profile picture on my blog! Even without that glasses, this feels like you…

  2. Funny you should say that…my nephew Jack is an incredible photog and I asked him to try to get a good shot when we are in LA again. My fear is that they will be just as bad as the others and then I will be faced with the fact that I just look like that!

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