– Mother/daughter moments


Our upstairs bathroom, early in the day. Jane leans over sink, face close to mirror. Lydia stands nearby.

Lydia: Since when did you wear mascara?

Jane: Since Adam’s Bar Mitzvah.

Lydia rolls her eyes as a first response. Jane keeps doing what she’s doing.

Lydia: Um, why?

Jane: So I look more alert.

Lydia widens her eyes, narrows them, and breathes out loudly. She exits.


Two chairs in a waiting room, late afternoon. Jane and Lydia leaf through old copies of People and Prevention.

Jane: Aren’t you glad your mother doesn’t dye her hair in three shades? She points at a picture on a magazine cover.

Lydia: Who’s that?

Jane: Wynonna Judd.

Lydia (looks at Jane, looks at picture, looks at Jane): Oh, yeah.

5 thoughts on “– Mother/daughter moments

  1. And frighteningly, according to that article, two of Wynonna Judd’s kids have the same names as two of yours: Eli and Grace. Hmmmm…are you sure you’re *not* Wynonna Judd in another life, Jane?

  2. You know, I’ve always had a weird fascination with her. Perhaps she is the lavisher end of a continuum and I the less decorated end.

    She may have a fascination with me — she did name her children after mine.


  3. Joanne, thanks for dropping by. I agree with you on everyday connections, and the accumulation of them.

    Julie, it’s a new phenomenon. (Two weeks?) Also, I bought the Almay mascara that says “For Hazel Eyes.” It’s so nice that there are Makeup Garanimals for someone like me.

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