Mother and daughter, hat makers

Today is Crazy Hat Day at the arts camp that Grace attends (and Lydia serves as counselor in training). Sure, a person could buy a hat, but the thrills of using a glue gun are too intense to resist. So Grace made a hat last night, after rummaging through the basement for both junk and glitter. By this morning, the glitter had set, and the hat could be touched. This is where I came in: I had to find and sew on, to a hat made of cardboard and foam rubber, ties that would hold it on her head. Ribbon or shoelaces wouldn’t work — something stretchy was needed. Fortunately, there are numerous uses for nylon stockings, beyond covering the legs, and they came in handy this time too. I took two black knee-highs and sewed them by hand to the foam underside of the brim. Voilá, a crazy hat that stays put.

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