Thank you, Elizabeth Warren

I’m really glad she won the November 2012 Senate race against Scott Brown. And I’m really glad that Jimmy had the presence of mind to make a contribution to her campaign and ask volunteers to install one of her giant signs in our front yard. The sign came on a giant wooden stake that, since mid-November, has been resting against the wall of our garage, too tall to put in a trash barrel. Today I cut and drilled that scrap to make a hanger for bike helmets on the garage wall.

Helmet hangerIt’s kind of sad that we’ve lived in this house, with garage bike storage, for 14 years and only now have I solved the helmet problem. Until this morning, we either kept them dangling off bike handlebars or tossed into a bin in the corner. So, thanks for improved helmet storage, Elizabeth Warren. (I used my own tools and fasteners.)

Tell me though: Why does it take so long — years! — to get around to doing a chore that takes only an hour to complete?

One thought on “Thank you, Elizabeth Warren

  1. You always leave your readership with thoughts to be pondered — sometimes almost koans, sometimes similar to the Talmud in the way you offer ideas and finish with “What do you think about this?” Thank you so much!

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